Cascade Parent Partnership Program


Cascade Parent Partnership Program

We do classes,
We do celebrations,
We do collaboration,
We do community!

Cascade Parent Partnership Program partners with parents to create, oversee and direct individual student learning plans.

Unique to each student, this flexible learning plan is designed to meet student needs and parent goals through a combination of on-site learning and learning programs in the community and at home.

Cascade’s program structure requires dedicated parent or adult guardian commitment in close partnership with staff to reach our high academic standards and to foster the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each student.

Each student has an individual academic schedule based on a written student learning plan, created in collaboration with the child, family and school counselor. Progress towards standards identified in the student learning plan are reported on monthly, documenting on-site and off-site learning.

Visit our  FAQ page for more information about the Cascade Parent Partnership Program.

Principal Owen Gonder
Principal Owen Gonder

Our Vision

We are an inclusive community of professional and parent educators working together to engage, encourage and empower students on their individual learning journeys.

Mission Statement

At Cascade Parent Partnership Program, staff and families collaborate to create individualized plans that support the unique needs and interests of our diverse learners.  Students learn in our classrooms, at home and wherever their curiosity takes them.  At Cascade, we celebrate individuality, embrace community, and have fun as we learn about ourselves and the world around us.