Class Schedule

Class Schedule 2nd Semester 2021-22

Teacher NameGrade Level/Course NameTime(Day)Room
Beth DevereauxK-1 A Cohort9:00 – 11:55(M,W)117
Scott Nicholson1-2 A Cohort ELA9:00 – 11:55(M)108
Bill Killian7-8 A Cohort ELA9:00 – 11:55(M)104
Teresa Harrie5-6 A Cohort Math9:00 – 10:25(M)107
Laurie Reed3-4 A Cohort Art9:00 – 10:25(M)131
Teresa Harrie3-4 A Cohort Science10:30 – 11:55(M)107
Laurie Reed5-6 A Cohort Art10:30 – 11:55(M)131
BEAM4-8 Video Game Design A11:00 – 11:55(M)Remote
Jennifer SavageCraneTBD11:00 – 11:55(M)213
Ella Ares7-8 Homeroom12:30 – 12:55 (M)Remote
Ella Ares5-6 Homeroom1:00 – 1:25 (M)Remote
Beth DevereauxNon-Fiction Reading and Writing1:30 – 2:25(M)Remote
Master ChangK-8 Martial Arts A1:30 – 2:55(M)Gym
Teresa Harrie3-4 Virtual Cohort Science1:30 – 2:25(M)Remote
Laurie Reed5-6 Virtual Cohort Art1:30 – 2:25(M)Remote
Scott Nicholson1-2 Virtual Cohort Math1:30 – 3:25(M)Remote
Bill Killian7-8 Virtual Cohort ELA1:30 – 3:25(M)Remote
Beth Devereaux3-4 Virtual Cohort ELA2:30 – 3:25(M)Remote
Teresa Harrie5-6 Virtual Cohort Math2:30 – 3:25(M)Remote
Teacher NameGrade Level/Course NameTime(Day)Room
Beth DevereauxKindergarten B Cohort9:00 – 11:55(Tu,Th)117
Scott Nicholson1-2 B Cohort ELA9:00 – 11:55(Tu)108
Bill Killian7-8 B Cohort ELA9:00 – 11:55(Tu)104
Teresa Harrie5-6 B Cohort Math9:00 – 10:25(Tu)107
Laurie Reed3-4 B Cohort Art9:00 – 10:25(Tu)131
Teresa Harrie3-4 B Cohort Science10:30 – 11:55(Tu)107
Laurie Reed5-6 B Cohort Art10:30 – 11:55(Tu)131
BEAM4-8 Video Game Design B11:00 – 11:55(Tu)Remote
Jennifer SavageCraneK-3 Musical Theater – Virtual11:00 – 11:55(Tu)Remote
Ella AresK Homeroom A12:30 – 12:55(Tu)Remote
Amy Bosch/Nancy Sears3-4 Homeroom A12:30 – 12:55(Tu)Remote
Ann Tracey7-8 Homeroom A12:00 – 12:25(Tu)Remote
Amy Bosch/Nancy Sears5-6 Homeroom A1:00 – 1:25(Tu)Remote
Ann Tracey1-2 Homeroom A1:00 – 1:25 (Tu)Remote
BEAM3-5 Pixel Art and Animation B1:30 – 2:25(Tu)Remote
Teresa Harrie1-2 Virtual Cohort Science1:30 – 2:25(Tu)Remote
Laurie Reed7-8 Virtual Cohort Art1:30 – 2:25(Tu)Remote
Beth Devereaux3-4 Salish Sea1:30 – 2:25 (Tu)Remote
Scott Nicholson3-4 Virtual Cohort Math1:30 – 3:25(Tu)Remote
Bill Killian5-6 Virtual Cohort ELA1:30 – 3:25(Tu)Remote
Beth Devereaux1-2 Virtual Cohort ELA2:30 – 3:25(Tu)Remote
BEAM4-8 Video Game Design C2:30 – 3:25(Tu)Remote
Teresa Harrie7-8 Virtual Cohort Math2:30 – 3:25(Tu)Remote
Teacher NameGrade Level/Course NameTime(Day)Room
Scott Nicholson3-4 A Cohort ELA9:00 – 11:55(W)108
Bill Killian5-6 A Cohort ELA9:00 – 11:55(W)104
Beth DevereauxK-1 A Cohort9:00 – 11:55(M,W)117
Teresa Harrie7-8 A Cohort Math9:00 – 10:25(W)107
Laurie Reed1-2 A Cohort Art9:00 – 10:25(W)131
Teresa Harrie1-2 A Cohort Science10:30 – 11:55(W)107
Laurie Reed7-8 A Cohort Art10:30 – 11:55(W)131
Jet City ImprovK-3 Improv11:00 – 11:55(W)Remote
Beth Devereaux4-6 Salish Sea1:30 – 2:25(W)Remote
Kids CarpentryK-3 Woodworking A1:30 – 2:25(W)Stage
Master ChangK-8 Martial Arts B1:30 – 2:25(W)Remote
Bill Killian6-8 Digital Citizenship1:30 – 2:25(W)104
Teacher NameGrade Level/Course NameTime(Day)Room
Beth DevereauxK B Cohort9:00 – 11:55(Tu,Th)117
Scott Nicholson3-4 B Cohort ELA9:00 – 11:55(Th)108
Bill Killian5-6 B Cohort ELA9:00 – 11:55(Th)104
Teresa Harrie7-8 B Cohort Math9:00 – 10:25(Th)107
Laurie Reed1-2 B Cohort Art9:00 – 10:25(Th)131
Teresa Harrie1-2 B Cohort Science10:30 – 11:55(Th)107
Laurie Reed7-8 B Cohort Art10:30 – 11:55(Th)131
Jet City Improv4-8 Improv11:00 – 11:55(Th)Remote
Ella Ares1-2 Homeroom12:30 – 12:55 (Th)Remote
Ella Ares3-4 Homeroom1:00 – 1:25 (Th)Remote
Kids CarpentryK-3 Woodworking B1:30 – 2:25(Th)Stage
Beth Devereaux1-3 Salish Sea1:30 – 2:25(Th)117
Teresa Harrie5-8 Making the Diagnosis1:30 – 3:25(Th)107
Bill Killian4-6 I Made a Comic Book!1:30 – 3:25(Th)104
Laurie Reed5-8 Art Challenge Field Trip1:30 – 3:25(Th)131
Teacher NameGrade Level/Course NameTime(Day)Room
BEAM3-5 Lego Robotics9:00 – 10:25(F)117
Scott Nicholson3-5 Learning Through Minecraft9:00 10:55(F)108
Owen GonderK-3 Team Sports9:00 – 9-55(F)Gym
Bill Killian6-8 Theatrical Smorgasbord9:00 – 10:55(F)104
Owen Gonder4-8 Team Sports10:00 – 10:55(F)Gym
Samantha Smith1-4 Cooking10:00 – 10:55(F)Remote
Jennifer SavageCraneK-8 Into to Guitar10:00 – 10:25(F)213
Jennifer SavageCraneK-8 Open Chords – Next Level10:30 – 10:55(F)213
Jennifer SavageCrane4-8 Playground Adventures1:30 – 2:25(F)OnLocation
Samantha Smith5-8 Cooking1:30 – 2:25(F)Remote
Master ChangK-8 Martial Arts C1:30 – 2:55(F)Gym

Class Schedule Spring 2021-22

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