Cascade Parent Partnership

Cascade Parent Partnership


Academics at Cascade

What you can expect of teachers at Cascade:

At Cascade, classroom teachers will:

  • welcome parents into the classroom
  • identify a clear curriculum which is modified to meet the students’ needs and goals
  • commit to an ongoing, regular dialogue with parents regarding student progress
  • outline clear behavior and learning expectations from the outset

At Cascade, each student’s assigned Student Learning Plan Counselor will:

  • identify and modify a clear curriculum to meet the student’s needs and goals
  • facilitate an on-going, regular dialogue with parents regarding student progress

What we expect from parents at Cascade:

At Cascade, the parent partners with classroom teachers by:

  • participating in group learning environments as needed
  • participating alongside students as needed
  • understanding clear behavior and learning expectations for the student’s continued participation in on-site classes

Outside of school, the parent

  • supports and guides offsite learning activities
  • is available and committed to be their student’s primary education facilitator with guidance and support from Cascade staff

What we expect from Cascade students:

In Cascade classrooms, the student:

  • enjoys small group instruction
  • attends regularly and is on time
  • participates fully and completes all classroom work

For offsite learning, the student:

  • is motivated to do significant independent work
  • partners well with parent or other adult guardian during learning activities in the community and at home