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Frequently Asked Questions

Cascade Parent Partnership Program FAQ

Cascade kids and some science data they collected

Does Cascade offer a Behavior Modification program?

No, the needs of a Behavior Modification program are not compatible with our Parent Partnership model and the reporting requirements for our Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program to the State.

Can Cascade support my student’s IEP?

Maybe.  We do offer IEP support for students whose needs can be met within our Parent Partnership model.  Please contact us to discuss what type of IEP support we may be able to provide for your student.

Does the District provide transportation to Cascade?

No yellow bus transportation is provided by the District for students enrolled at Cascade.  Metro bus cards are provided to students only for transportation to and from Cascade.  Parents must provide their own transportation either by Metro bus with their student or other means.

I work full-time during the day.  Are there other options if I want my student to be enrolled?

A parent or adult guardian must be on-site with each student.   An adult guardian can look many different ways here, but a student is most successful if that same adult is also the primary facilitator of the student’s education; committed to fully participating in on-site learning as needed and home extension work. 

Other than being on campus with my student, are there other requirements as a parent?

Yes, a parent or adult guardian must be able to attend monthly Student Learning Plan (SLP) meetings with their SLP Counselor and come prepared to discuss their student’s abilities, needs and progress in our program.  Parents also guide all off-site learning and are expected to report their progress in the SLP Meetings.

I have children at home who are under the age of 5. Since I would need to be on-site with my school-age student, is enrollment still an option for our family?

Yes.  Cascade welcomes younger siblings during the school day under the supervision of their parent or adult guardian.  We provide outdoor play spaces, an age-appropriate indoor playroom and a community Commons room for cooking meals and gathering to network with other families.  You design your school-age student’s schedule and time on-site to meet the needs of your entire family.