Cascade Parent Partnership


Enrollment in Cascade Virtual Option K-12

How to Enroll

Request Cascade Virtual Option for Next Year

To enroll for the next school year students must apply during the annual open enrollment/school choice period. Seats are subject to availability. Open Enrollment for School Choice is open February 1-28.

Fill out the school choice form in the Source or the SPS Enrollment page.

Mid-Year Transfer Process

Grade 6-12 Transfers are only considered each semester up to the first half of the semester.

  • First Semester – transfers are considered through the first week of November (end of the first quarter)
  • Second Semester – transfers are considered through mid-April (end of the 3rd quarter)

Grade K-5 Transfers are considered throughout the school year.

To request a mid-year transfer families will fill out the Transfer Appeal form on the Enrollment, School Assignment page and follow the below steps.

  1. Submit Transfer Appeal or request Virtual Option when enrolling your student.
  2. Transfer Appeal Board will review the request (can take one to two weeks).
  3. Parent will be notified if the appeal is pre-approved or denied.
  4. If pre-approved, the student remains enrolled in their current school while completing all 7 onboarding steps. Pre-approval does not guarantee a transfer.
  5. Parent/Student will be emailed a link to the Cascade Virtual Option orientation.
    •  Grades 6-12 students must attend orientation (parents are encouraged to attend also). 
    • Grades K-5 students must attend with a parent. 
    • Orientations are offered weekly.
  6. After orientation, students will schedule a 1 to 1 meeting with a Virtual Option staff member to choose classes and make sure they can log in to their virtual classes. 
    • If you have not yet, check out a computer from your current school prior to the 1 to 1 meeting.
  7. Once this meeting is complete and successful, the student will be transferred from their current school to Cascade Virtual Option.

NOTES:  Prior to the transfer in step #7, students remain enrolled at their school and can be withdrawn for non-attendance. Please continue to attend the current school until all 7 steps are completed.

If the student does not complete all 7 steps, they will remain enrolled at their current school and will not be transferred.