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Turn in School Devices Week of June 13th

Summary: Returning Student Devices at Cascade

School devices – laptops, Ipads, hotspots and chargers – are being collected at Cascade the week of June 13th. Please turn in your device on one of those days or anytime before. Be sure to include the charger and case if you have one.

Devices can be turned in at the library or main office.

All devices need to be turned in for the summer so DOTS can clean them up, give them upgrades, and get them ready for the fall. Devices not receiving these upgrades will not work properly for the coming year.

Fines will be added to your student’s account for any non-returned devices.

*Students who are attending Seattle Public School’s summer academic programs at an SPS location will return their current device and be re-issued another device for the SPS summer academic programs. The SPS summer programs include Extended School Year (ESY), Recovery Services, K-8 Summer Staircase, or Credit Retrieval.