Q&A From Open House 9/14

Copy of TEAMS Mtg chat- Virtual Open House, September 14, 2021

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[10:11 AM] (Guest)

Just to confirm, we would not need to file a Declaration of Intent (to homeschool) by 9/15 if enrolled at CPPP?

[10:12 AM]

that’s correct. If you are enrolled full time with us, you wouldn’t need to file a declaration of intent.

[10:12 AM] (Guest)

thank you!

[10:13 AM] Gonder, Owen I

(Guest) This depends on Full or Part time status. Declarations would not be needed if the child is full- time.

[10:13 AM] (Guest)

do we receive a confirmation of any kind if we’ve mailed the declaration?

Yes, if you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your Declaration of Intent, we will date stamp and send a copy back to you.

[10:14 AM] – DPK 02 000

You’ll go over what constitutes Full vs Part time later I’m assuming?

[10:14 AM] (Guest)

Will you be addressing the breakdown between CORE and electives for students who are Full-time?

[10:14 AM]

yes, that’s the next slide

[10:14 AM] (Guest)

so a DOI is needed for part time status? Yes

[10:20 AM] (Guest)

[10:16 AM] – DPK 02 000

thank you!

[10:17 AM] (Guest)

the slide does not state CORE vs electives….

[10:18 AM] (Guest)

Awesome, thanks 🙂

[10:18 AM] (Guest)

Can you attend Cascade without the requirement of the Homeschool declaration of intent?

Concerned not intending to H.S [10:18 AM]

Sorry, I was responding to the full and part time,

[10:18 AM] – DPK 02 000

In the intro email says that first year students can only take 1 core class. Can you clarify how that works for full time students? 1 cert and up to 4 electives for new families during their first semester. Any combination of cert and elective starting in the 2nd semester.

Also, FT typically is up to 5 classes and PT is 3. However at Cascade, full and part time student status is actually determined by hours reported in the learning plan (combination of Cascade and parent educator instruction). FT is 27.75 hrs of learning/week and PT is anything less. FT offers up to 5 classes with the support of the Learning Plan Counselor, while PT is up to 3 classes with no counselor support provided because family is technically doing more work through Home-Based Instruction (homeschooling) and therefore doing the way they determine is best for their child on their own.

[10:19 AM] (Guest)

will you talking about special education? [10:19 AM]

we will be talking about special education

[10:19 AM] (Guest)

Understand 1st time hearing about declaration

[10:19 AM] (Guest)

Omak School District is accepting students from all districts if folks are seeking a full remote option. (1 liked)

Thanks for that info!

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[10:20 AM] (Guest)


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[10:21 AM] (Guest)

does that mean some students will fall behind? (1 liked)

[10:21 AM] (Guest)

Is there a cap for Cascade PP? Is it possible that our child won’t get in? (1 liked)

[10:23 AM] (Guest)

Our school’s registrar recommended Cascade as an option for our student to continue with his current level of work. Based on this presentation so far, it doesn’t sound like that is an option…

[10:23 AM] Gonder, Owen I

No cap at this time, however class availability may be somewhat limited depending on what you are looking for.

[10:24 AM] Gonder, Owen I

Please see the page for class choices: https://cppp.seattleschools.org/academics/fall-course-catalog- 2021-22/

Fall Course Catalog 2021-22 – Cascade Parent Partnership Program

Fall courses 2021-22

cppp.seattleschools.org Link is https://cppp.seattleschools.org/academics/fall-course-catalog-2021- 22/

[10:25 AM] Gonder, Owen I

we want to work with families on creating a challenging and worthwhile learning plan that always considers student ability.

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[10:27 AM] (Guest)

I’m seeing that some of the remote co-horts are fully enrolled. Is there possibilities that there may be additional opportunities if enrollment is increased? Yes, we are looking at the remote options currently available. While we do not have any new staffing anticipated, we are looking at class enrollment, especially at under-enrolled in-person classes and may need to shift to remote.

[10:27 AM] l (Guest)

Do we have to use CPPP approved curriculum and workbooks? Yes, we have a Curriculum Library for family use and it is staff five days a week by Family Liasion/librarian Lloyanne, who is an amazing resource of knowledge.

[10:27 AM] (Guest)

ie 3-4

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[10:28 AM] (Guest)

For an 8th grader, I would like to understand implications for the following:

  1. Qualifying for full-time high school at SPS next year (We do not offer high school level classes for credit such as Algebra 1, like our comprehensive middle school neighbors. We do have parents teaching Algebra at home and reporting to our learning plan counselors. In high school, students would have access to the 3 years of math instruction at the appropriate level. Comprehensive high schools would look at our recommendation for math and may also conduct a placement test to verify that a student is appropriately placed).
  2. Accelerated (9th grade) math classes (Could be part of the parent-led plan, but we do not have staff qualified to lead or oversee high school classes for credit)
  3. HCC level classes (as above)

[10:28 AM] (Guest)

How long are classes for students and what times? Mornings? Afternoon? [10:28 AM] (Guest)

are the classes full year, semester long, or quarterly? when is the next time classes are open for registration? Would there possibly be more classes available if there is an increase of students this semester? Full year cohorts but some movement at semester break (Sept-Jan & Feb-June). This is the result of semester long contractor classes (electives). Moves will be considered at that time. Students can always drop classes that no longer meet needs, but would have to pick up the content in parent- led portion. With growth comes additional staff but we’ve also done this long enough to honestly know that the increase to staff can take longer than anticipated. We must plan to work with the resources we currently have and if we grow staff, we will make sure new classes are shared with the entire community.

[10:28 AM] (Guest)

And does a child need to be a part of a cohort or can they take just the remote courses that are available? Depending on grade, we have some one-off, stand alone cert classes like Team Sports, which fulfills the weekly certificated class requirement. There are a few remote, stand alone, cert classes depending on grade level and we are monitoring closely where we need additional remote classes.

[10:29 AM] – DPK 02 000

Could a child be a part of 2 cohorts? My kid reads really well but struggles with math. Unfortunately, no.

[10:30 AM]) (Guest)

When you get a chance, I’d like to hear more about the differences between full-time and part-time. I’m also curious what sorts of things count towards the 27.75 hours for a full-time student.

[10:31 AM] (Guest)

how do i enroll my child? sorry im late

[10:32 AM] (Guest)

Thank you for your response. The remote options are slim – I’m thrilled that you’re evaluating and pivoting.

[10:33 AM]

Would it be possible to see a sample learning plan (or maybe that’s on the next slides)?

[10:33 AM] (Guest)

Is the virtual portion of learning structured i.e occurs at a specific time. [10:34 AM] Gonder, Owen I

(Guest) Please take a look at the Fall schedule https://cppp.seattleschools.org/academics/fall- course-catalog-2021-22/

Fall Course Catalog 2021-22 – Cascade Parent Partnership Program Fall courses 2021-22

cppp.seattleschools.org [10:35 AM] (Guest)

So, am I correct in understanding that parent-led instruction will count towards some of the CORE, even HCC level classes? Yes, families will be responsible for some of the Core instruction. In the first semester we only allow one cert/core class, however in our new cohorting model, one cohort class would include Language Arts, Math and Visual Arts.

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[10:35 AM] – DPK 02 000

BTW, this all sounds wonderful!

[10:35 AM] (Guest)

Do you assess students when beginning at CPP so that we know whether to place them in accelerated or not? We will use STAR 360 Reading and Math assessment the first week of October, then test again in Jan/Feb and May.

[10:37 AM] (Guest)

Is it literally any class our child can be enrolled in? Say our child is parttime, can take one elective, and also meet with advisor? (knowing we would do the core subjects at home) Must have one cert class each week. This is a minimum requirement.

[10:39 AM] Gonder, Owen I

Yes, parent-led classes for some CORE (1 liked)

[10:39 AM] (Guest)

It looks like on that link that there are no options for remote certificated classes that are not cohorts. Is that correct?

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[10:41 AM] (Guest)

Would be great to see that [10:41 AM] (Guest)

Can you send one my way?

[10:41 AM] (Guest)

Can we choose another class/elective instead of the SEL/home room? Is that a requirement? This would be for a part time student scheduled

[10:42 AM] (Guest)

I’m noticing that as well, (Guest) I think that they said they were likely adding more remote classes. [10:42 AM] (Guest)

(Learning plan)

[10:43 AM (Guest)

One of the parents on this call cannot see the chat. Can the links and questions be copied and sent out as part of the materials from today’s meeting? And here it is  

[10:44 AM] Gonder, Owen I

Will & Sarah (Guest) SEL/Homeroom is required and will be discussed in a couple of slides.

[10:44 AM] – DPK 02 000

Can the Cert Contact be virtual? yes

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[10:44 AM] Gonder, Owen I

(Guest) Thanks for the heads up. We will work on this and get out to all attendees/

[10:45 AM] (Guest)

  • making sure you saw my request for a sample Learning Plan – thanks (smile)

[10:45 AM] (Guest)

i looked on the list of classes – there are no remote certificated classes for my childs grade. Does that mean at this time there is not space for our child at this time? We are revisiting our remote class options.

[10:45 AM]

yes, you are correct that parent-led (or in your case as an older student – LENNY led) classes do count! This is your opportunity to get creative and do some amazing things! And yes, it satisfies your middle school requirements.

[10:45 AM] Gonder, Owen I

DPK 02 000 yes we have certificated classes that are remote- live instruction, not asychronous

[10:45 AM] (Guest)

(we are not comfortable or can do in person right now) [10:46 AM] – DPK 02 000


[10:46 AM]

Share your email address with Anna if you want to see a sample student learning plan

[10:47 AM]


will the students be supplied with tablets or laptops for online ? (1 liked)

[10:47 AM]

yes, SPS students, including Cascade students, get a laptop or iPad depending on their grade level.

[10:47 AM]

  • K-2 get iPads. 3-8 get a laptop to use

[10:48 AM] (Guest)

Ann, I have been in contact with Anna before. Do I need to send a separate request to see a sample Learning Plan?

[10:48 AM] Gonder, Owen I

 (Guest) we are looking closely at remote certificated learning options. as mentioned earlier and may be shifting some in-person to remote learning.

[10:49 AM]

Yes please. Just send her the request. amjohnson1@seattleschools.org

[10:49 AM] (Guest)

Is there a chance that there will be more cohorts established (I’m looking/hoping for grade three increased enrollment to make this happen!)

[10:50 AM] Gonder, Owen I

Repeating what was just said- SEL/Homeroom is part of the cohort classes. If you are not enrolling in a cohort, you add a Homeroom, but this does not count against the class limit. 5 classes max for FT, typically 3 classes for PT

[10:51 AM] (Guest)

Does time spent on Home Extension Work count towards the 27.75 hrs/wk requirement in some way?

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[10:52 AM] Gonder, Owen I

(Guest) Yes, you are correct. It is a combination of all work completed at home and at school.

[10:54 AM] (Guest)

Are classes mixed-age/grade? Multi-age/grade bands K, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 for most of our cert classes. Some K-3, 4-8 and K-8 classes as well.

[10:54 AM] – DPK 02 000

Can a Virtual Cohort kid come to an in-person class? Yes, some families chose to create a hybrid schedule with Cascade classes too, ie. Remote cohort and one in-person Martial Arts class for example.

[10:54 AM] (Guest)

Is Math 8 being offered?

[10:55 AM] (Guest)

Can you discuss requirements for enrollment

[10:55 AM – DPK 02 000

And is there a document you can share regarding your COVID hygiene protocol?

  1. Separation of schools by floors of building with only limited cross over during lunch hour. 2. Separate entrance/exit for Cascade students
  2. No dining on site for Cascade students (Free hot and cold lunch option available for take home dining only)
  3. HEPA filters in every classroom
  4. Our classes meet or exceed all air circulation requirements, including our gym
  5. Classroom student numbers are lower than CBA requirement. On-site classes are currently capping at 12 students. Remote class cap at 16 students.
  6. Students are cohorted by grade level bands.
  7. As a result of cohorting, Cascade has approximately 60 students on campus per day.
  8. Families are able to drop off students five minutes before the start of class and must be on- time for pickup immediately at the end of class.
  9. Classroom teachers are cleaning surfaces between classes
  10. Custodial team is spraying down and cleaning bathrooms throughout the day. All bathrooms are provided a deeper clean daily.
  11. Parent and family meetings remain virtual
  12. Parent visitors must complete attestation when entering the building through the Cascade north entrance/exit
  13. All SPS employees, including contractors, as well as visitors and volunteers must show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 by October 18

[10:56 AM] (Guest)

I have a meeting at 11 that I can’t miss.

  • HAM 08 000 will stay in the meeting and will have to catch me up on enrollment – thanks (smile) (2 liked)

[10:57 AM] (Guest)

What sorts of activities can count towards the 27.75 hours? How closely do those hours need to be tracked? All learning activities including Cascade led work and parent-let work.

[10:58 AM] (Guest)

Is parent assistance in classes just for students who may need/benefit from it or are parents also expected to assist more broadly, for example, with teaching or projects with small groups? At this time, just for those who need it.

[10:58 AM] (Guest)

My question is for non-pandemic times In past years, families have led clubs, assisted in class when they believe their child needed them and sometime filled the role of the one-on-one Instructional Assistant. This year, even during the pandemic, some of this continues. @We are mindful of the total

number of bodies occupying a classroom to ensure we are not exceeding recommended room capacity. Also in past years, families needed to provide supervision, therefore needed to be on site

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[10:59 AM]

Thank you!

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[11:02 AM] (Guest)

would this not be suitable for a child who needs more than “resource” level support such as a 5th grader functioning at 2nd grade level, or could we opt to be enrolled but not participate in a cohort? Also, do you do the IEP eval?

We will first consider the most appropriate class for a student to take. We want students to be appropriately challenged and find the content worthwhile and engaging.

We do have some students served with an IEP that exceed a Resource level of support but these students are enrolled as part-time students, since it is likely that all of the services and minutes would not be able to be served while at Cascade. There are some natural accommodations provided by our structure which help many students, such as preferential learning through chosen classes, fewer days of school per week, shorter time on campus or in remote classes daily, ability of a parent to assist as a one-on-one with their student, etc. Part time enrollment for a student with an IEP requiring more minutes than can be served at Cascade provides a way for this student and family to attend Cascade. A Prior Written Notice after an IEP meeting would capture what portions of the IEP will be served. It will be our desire to serve all minutes however there are times when this is not possible, given our staffing and model of instruction. If a family insists on having every IEP service and minute provided, Seattle Public School stands ready to serve the IEP in its entirety at a school that offers the appropriate service pathway, but this may not be Cascade Parent Partnership. Families are making a choice to attend Cascade and therefore understand some of our differences.

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[11:04 AM] (Guest)

thank you!

[11:05 AM] (Guest)

Can you work off of an existing IEP assessment by SPS, rather than re-assessing? Yes

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[11:05 AM] (Guest)

I so appreciate and value your candid responses and willingness to answer these questions and be open. Such a breath of fresh air. Also – outside of a cohort, how are you seeing families connect to build supportive community when doing remote learning – or even in-person learning?

[11:06 AM] (Guest)

Appreciate your transparency! Because you’re playing catch up, if we choose to enroll asap, does this mean a start date is postponed? How soon is a start date for a student should they enroll?

[11:07 AM] (Guest)

Owen, if it means reducing to part-time

[11:07 AM] (Guest)

would I have to submit the declaration of intent Yes, DOI is required if students are part-time or if completely withdrawing from the district.

[11:09 AM] (Guest)

Should I meet with you to figure out what would work for us (special ed), before we go ahead and enroll?

[11:09 AM] Gonder, Owen I

(Guest) Yes at PT you would submit a DOI

[11:10 AM] – DPK 02 000

I may have missed what we do to request an enrollment meeting. Could you repeat?

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slide deck and the copied over chat document. Return te [11:13 AM] Gonder, Owen I

Oops. Next steps: 1. Email Anna 2. Send back completed Request for Appt 3. Schedule an enrollment appt with me through Anna