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CPP Fall Classes Are Now Posted! View Fall Courses

Summary: Fall Classes At Cascade Parent Partnership K-8

View the fall classes for 2022-23 at Cascade Parent Partnership K-8!

Classes will return to fully in person, per Seattle Public Schools expectations.

We will no longer be offering cohorts, but will be back to our typical “a la carte” style of offering classes (think college where you choose your individual classes by the days/times you want to attend).

We will remain in the John Marshall Building at least up to Mid-Winter Break in February. Our program will remain drop off while at John Marshall. We will have some space for parents, but it will be very limited, and parking will remain an issue. Please plan your students’ classes accordingly, as students will not be allowed to remain in the building without parent supervision if they are not in a class.

We do not yet know the district COVID mandates for the fall. Cascade, as a Seattle Public School, is required to follow district mandates. Please see the COVID Health and Safety SPS web page for the most updated information.