Entering the Building – COVID Protocols

Summary: Entering the Building - COVID Protocols

Entering the Building – COVID Protocols

Cascade is a Seattle Public School and is required to follow the district mandates. Please see the COVID Health and Safety Page on the SPS website.

Parents/Guests Entering the Building

  • Students and/or parents who are not feeling well should stay home even if testing negative for COVID.
  • As of March 14th masks have become optional, however we will strongly encourage adults to wear their masks to keep our medically fragile and unvaccinated students safe at this time. Remember, a properly fitted mask must be worn fully covering the nose and mouth at all times.
  • Sign in on the sign in sheet. In case of emergency, we need to know who is in the building. Sign out when you leave.


Parents, If you are choosing to volunteer in classes, library, etc. please fill out the SPS Volunteer application and watch the online training video. This also includes submitting proof of being fully vaccinated.


Please continue to monitor the Seattle Public Schools website for the most updated information on COVID protocols.